Fight For the Fish: the Last Hoorah?


Tyler Parker, Assistant Editor

After CHS has took the L for the seventh year in a row, rumors are going around that the fun may be coming to an end. As Lake City got their 7peat, CHS students are upset over having lost yet again.

The event had a great turn out, like usual. The constant screams were enough to make you go partially deaf. After our Lake City girls won their game, the attention was on the boys team. When we got to present the fish during halftime of the boys game, Mrs.Clifford made quite the show. As she was “rowed” into the gym, the treasure hunt began. Once the fish was found, the flash mob started. The students all danced to our choreographed routine to Bruno Mars’ Treasure, as in-sync as possible. Many different cheers filled the gym, from our standard cheers to new ones made for our theme of “Wolves of the Caribbean”. All of the students were screaming, everyone wanting to be able to win the fish for their school, whether it be for the first time in six years or for the 7peat. Our boys team also won with quite the lead on CHS.

The apprehension was astounding as we waited to hear the results: who won the fish? It was sure to be a close match, but as the announcer called out Lake City, everyone rushed onto the floor and the cheers of our student body were deafening.

But, seeing as Coeur d’Alene has lost for seven years, they are considering calling the amazing event for school spirit off. What if this happens? Will all of the fun just end? The answer to this is more than likely going to be no. Even if CHS does drop the event, we could start a similar event with a different school around us, like Post Falls High School. As bad as it may seem, don’t lose all hope just yet!


Picture from the Lake City High School Website