Thinking About College?


Kaitlynn Steele, Staff Writer

Have you applied to college or university yet? If not, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Whether you’re sure you want to go or not, you should still think about it and look at the benefits of more school and education.

A lot of people don’t want to attend college or university because it’s more school, work and effort. But, even just going to a smaller community college type of thing you can still get some higher education for certain jobs. Any college education is better than none.

Some benefits of going to college are small, and some are major. One reason is you can make some really good lifelong friends and meet lots of new people instead of the ones you’ve been stuck with during your high school years. Another benefit would be earning more money. College can cost a lot, but once you have a degree you can get a higher paying job than people with high school diplomas. You will make a lot while doing a job you most likely enjoy.

Attending college will also help you in the future because it will help you create and achieve goals and you will get more of a variety of career options. In the long run it’s better to be in college than to not. To be successful in life you don’t necessarily have to go to college, many, many people can still make lots of income, achieve goals, and have a good life without it. It just depends how hard you work and what you want to get done.

Seniors and Juniors should start thinking about applying even if they aren’t sure if they want to attend or not, so if they decide they do the opportunity is still open for them. Our school offers many clubs and programs that can help you get into college and help you find which one is right for you.

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