Senior Project Deadlines

Senior Project Deadlines

Makala Vincent, Opinion and Student Life Editor

Senior project is a graduation requirement for LCHS. The project itself consists of 8 things that must be completed before graduation. 3 of the 8 tasks should have already been completed. This included the statement of intent due Oct. 13, the typed draft Dec. 7, and the final senior paper due january 6th. If you did not complete these 3 tasks you failed the first part of the project.  In order to regain credit for the senior paper portion, you have to take a senior English make up class. All senior project tasks will be turned into your English 12 teacher on the following dates depending if you have English on an A or B day:


Project Summary Statement and Documentation of Hours: April 25, 26 2017.

Visual/Media: May 5th.

Portfolio: May 11, 12 2017

Public Community Presentation: 9:30, May 24, 2017.

The documentation of hours are hours of community service with a mentor. You must complete 15 hours of community service. During the hour process you will need to write interview questions for your mentor and create a write up. It’s now February so a suggestion is to do 2 hours for 3 days and 1 hr for one day making it 4 days total each month until April 25 or 26.

The hours have restriction such as; whoever is mentoring you cannot be a family member. However, there are loopholes. If you have a family business and someone who isn’t a part of your family works there, you can use them as a mentor, but you may not use an immediate family member.

The visual media consists of some sort of picture of the place you are mentoring so that the judge can see your experience during the hour process.

The portfolio needs to be in a clean and new three ring binder. In the binder it has to have the senior paper without your teacher’s corrections, documentation of hours, media/visual, statement of intent, interview questions, interview write up, and reflection statement. The portfolio needs to be presented to the judge during the presentation.   

The presentation needs to be 8-10 minutes long. The presentation needs to be relevant towards your documentation hours. In order to keep your presentation up to standard, use visual aides, short videos, samples and demonstrations. These will be highly important in your presentations if you want to get a pass. It is important to dress in appropriate attire for your presentation. Jeans, low cut shirts, basketball shorts, sweatshirts/hoodies, belly shirts, ect. are NOT allowed for you presentation attire. Ask your teacher for ideas or suggestions for your presentation attire.

If all these tasks are not completed, you will not be able to walk for graduation. Again, senior project is a requirement and must be completed or you do not get your diploma. If you need anymore information talk to your teacher so they can guide you through the project.


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