DECA Is Officially Dying

DECA Is Officially Dying

John Marfice, Staff Writer

So DECA is looking a little empty, eh? Don’t expect things to get better. Many fan favorite items such as the cup noodles, pizza, soda, candy, basically just about everything worth buying is getting taken off the shelves. I knew it was about to hit the fan when a typical DECA stop saw some pretty scary stuff. Mr. Blank was pointing at items and saying things like “Cup Noodles are gone, sodas gone, Skinny Pop can stay, pizzas out.” People around DECA were immediately murmuring “Oh boy this is not gonna be good”.

And indeed it is not. By the looks of things, DECA is about to be turned into Lake City’s Number One Skinny-Pop-Resale-Establishment. And that’s only if people roll over and let the school board have their way. With Maverik being so close to the school it’s unlikely DECA will have hardly any business. Maverik may be more expensive for things like soda, food, and gum, but at least they have a supply of said soda, food, and gum. On top of that is all the stuff Maverik has but Deca never did. Monster Energy Drinks, pizza with a variety of toppings, corn dogs, bottled drinks, ice cream…. F’Reals!

So should we all be saying “RIP Deca” just yet? Many students say that Deca will make a comeback. Me personally? I think the school board is more focused on keeping the school from selling 15-year-olds muffins and canned drinks instead of things that actually matter like bullying. Many people have said similar events have happened before, and the next school year Deca just came right back. This may not be true, however. It seems like the school board is really dropping the hammer down on this, as dumb as it may seem.

But this is all my opinion, so don’t take my word for it!

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