Something’s Afoot


The cast performs “I Owe It All”, a song honoring the most famous writers of murder mystery novels. (CREDIT: Lake City Drama Department)

Cheyenne Miller, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Lake City Theatre Department has a new show that is an entertaining blend of music, fun, and mystery: Something’s Afoot!. The show’s genre is a mouthful: Murder Mystery Musical Theatre, but the show can be described in a couple words: A Good Time.

The story begins in an English mansion, where there is a gathering of prestigious guest who don’t know that others were visiting the host, Lord Rancour. When they have all settled into the mansion, the butler, Clive, has some distressing news: Lord Rancour has been murdered. Shortly after this announcement, Clive is struck dead by an explosive on the staircase. This is when the guests realize that there must be a killer among them, and they go into a frantic search for the murderer. Everyone’s a suspect, but only one is the killer. Upbeat songs, wacky deaths, and amusing characters keep the show going, and makes it a wonderful homage to the murder mystery genre.

The show’s cast is filled with extremely talented students in the theatre department: Kyto Katori as Clive and Lord Rancour, Zuriah Irwin as Dr. Grayburn, Anika Hille as Lady Manley-Prowe, Noah Garrett as Nigel, Sebastian Goetz as Colonel Gillweather, Aubrey Bernard as Lettie, Evan Schwaab as Flint, Andrew Schaefer as Geoffery, Ashley Holmes as Hope, and Ricki Fehrenbacher as Miss Tweed. This cast helps tell fascinating and fun story for audiences.

The show does use a fog machine, uses some suggestive language, and is a murder mystery, so you may want to think twice about bringing young children to the show. The show is about two hours long, ending around nine. The house opens at 6:30, and the show begins at 7:00. Remaining performances are on Thursday, April 20th, Friday, April 21st, and Saturday, April 22nd. General Admission tickets are $10, Seniors and Students go for $8, and ASB tickets are $7. Make sure to see the final show of the school year!