I Take It Back, DECA Is Actually Not Dying

I Take It Back, DECA Is Actually Not Dying

John Marfice, Staff Writer

Today I have decided to follow up my previous article. I’m the same kid who wrote that “DECA Is Officially Dying” story about a month and a half back. I’m revising for two different reasons; One, DECA isn’t “ACTUALLY” dying, and two, people liked the last article. Also the miniscule third reason that I looked like a dingus for calling out DECA’s supposed death so early.” So apologies for that DECA.

So, to start off, DECA is alive and well. Granted, with a smaller inventory, but still breathing. Skinny Pop Resale Establishment, yes. But the school board seems to have loosened back on it’s ban on food and canned drinks. Amen to that. I think I might have roasted them too hard…

I took a stop at DECA today and was pleased to see Pizza, Red Bull, and Soda returning to the shelves, but I couldn’t help but notice some other favorites were missing. What did surprise me was the fact that Cup Noodles were back, I would have thought the college lifeblood was deemed “too unhealthy” for human consumption. Some newer items have hit the shelves as well,  such as Skinny Pop, granola bars, and Smart Water. Personally, I don’t see a difference between regular water and Smart Water, and still hold onto the belief that it’s for rich college students to put in their (unfit for human consumption) ramen dinner. But the fact that the cheap cup of Macaroni and Cheese being unavailable still bothers me.

So to conclude this, well, rather short article, DECA is not exactly dead. Maverik is still better in my eyes. Why is this? Because DECA does not have F’reals, which are like a gift from the gods. Or corn dogs. Or the MOAB. I still firmly believe that the school board should just let the store sell the things they were before. I mean, this is a school full of 14-18-year-olds. I think we can handle it.