Hacks Every Student Should Know

Hacks Every Student Should Know

Tyler Parker, Editor-in-Chief

As a student, people learn many “hacks”, from getting ready to organization and studying skills. Just anything to help make life easier. Well here are a few hacks that may help make the chaotic life of being a student slightly less chaotic.

Have dry, static filled hair? When you wake up with not enough time to do anything about this, dryer sheets will take away the static. You can rub one on your hair, or do what I do and put it on your hair brush.

Have problems waking up in the morning? A great fix for this problem is to put your phone into a glass cup with the volume all of the way up. The cup will not only amplify the sound of your alarm, but will be harder to take out to smash the snooze button.

Lost and twisted cables, be gone! With binder clips on the edge of your desk, you can keep all of those wires neat and orderly!

Similar looking notebooks are hard to distinguish between, but adding some color at the top will make it easy to spot and grab before class.

Writing a paper and want to make sure everything is okay? Copy and paste it into Google Translate and listen to it to find any mistakes. Another essay hack is to choose your quotes beforehand and write the essay around them.

Taking notes is super boring, but there is a way to fix that! Changing pen colors helps, as do sticky notes. Always write things down, it helps you remember!

Keep everything color coded! Make sure each of your classes has a different color to help keep your notes and papers organized.

While doing research for any paper in Google, always put “site:.gov/.edu”. It will only bring up sites that are educational or governmental.

Hopefully these hacks will help you in school!

Image from Twitter