New Assistant Vice Principal!

New Assistant Vice Principal!

Mr. Kelly, the new assistant vice principal

Bryan Kelly, history teacher at our school and teacher of 17 years, 5 of which have been spent here at Lake City, will be tackling a new role and responsibility next year as assistant vice principal and head of discipline and attendance. As he has spent so long in the classroom directly interacting with students, interacting with and coming to understand and form a mutual respect between the student body, he will certainly be a good fit for the position.

He had many positive things to say about our school, describing an inviting, family feeling about the school and remarking on how much he appreciates our students and how respectful and kind they are. As he put it, “It’s all about the students, they really make this school great.”

When asked how he felt about the new position in comparison to his current role, he said he is excited by the challenge the new opportunity presents and believes the change will be a good one. He expressed his gratitude for the hard work Assistant Vice Principal Dunkle has done this year, and said he intends to continue and expand on that hard work and see what else we can do to get kids in class.

Some of his plans include looking into changes towards the policies regarding tardies and absences in an effort to lessen the excessive amounts of unexcused instances of each, and implement changes to combat the issue of students skipping classes entirely to avoid the repercussions of tardies, deeming it to be less severe to just not go to class as opposed to being late.

Mr. Kelly closed by reiterating how excited he is for the opportunity before him, and I for one am excited as well to see all of the good work he will do for our school moving forward.


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