Get ready for college

Its that time of the year again. When seniors start to realize that they have to start thinking about their future, and when juniors start to wonder if they should think about what will happen next year, two years, even five years from now! The answer is yes you should start thinking about your future. Not tomorrow, not next month, not after you beat the new Animal crossing or Call of Duty game. Now.

Where to start? Thats a scary question that most people don’t know or can’t answer. There are a few websites that can definitely help you out. Such as,, and Cappex gets you in touch with the colleges that you like and also recommends colleges based off the answers you gave. They are personalized questions used to find the perfect college for you. Fastweb gets you ideas for scholarships. It lets you apply for them and even tracks if you entered or not. Collegeboard is a site that gets you in touch with colleges, presents you with scholarship opportunities, and even has the material to get you ready for tests! But don’t stop with just websites. Get out there and find other opportunities for your education!