Replacement of Old Water Fountains with Elkay Fountains

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Brandon Shaver, Staff Writer

We have seen a trend recently of old water fountains throughout the school being replaced by new and improved fountains with the ability to fill water bottles with ease. These water fountains are called “Elkay EZH20 Water Bottle Filling Stations” and they are a very smart choice for any public facilities. I believe it would be intelligent to continue the trend of placing these in Lake City.

The old water fountains, as many know, are powered by how hard you press the button which sometimes can be tough on some of them because of how old they are. The hard water deposits are closing the holes the buttons are in making it more difficult to push. Also the holes in the top where the water comes out are so clogged that the squirt water in different directions. It is also near impossible to fill water bottles in these fountains because of the angle at which you have to place the bottle to fill them.

These new Elkay systems are Electronically powered making it to where one satisfying click will push out a perfect stream. Not only that, but they have high-tech refrigeration systems that not only cool the water to an ideal temperature, but the refrigeration system has energy saving properties that are eco-friendly. Plus these water fountains have built-in filters with a filter status light so you know when to change it and get more fresh water. Overall, these water fountains are a very convenient structures that will promote better hydration and health among students because of how easy they are to use, and what is better than the students health? These systems are quite pricey sitting at 1000$-1500$ depending on where you shop, but I believe it would be a very important investment on the school’s part.