5 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch

Kaitlynn Steele, Staff Writer

Netflix is one of the most popular programs for watching movies and shows, and they even create their own series. Out of all my favorite shows that Netflix has available I picked my top five that I recommend you should definitely watch.

At number 5 on the top shows is the classic Friends. The show is older than the rest on this list but is still just as popular and great to watch, with the series starting in 1994. Friends is a comedy show based on a group of friends living in New York, every episode makes you laugh and some may even make you cry. There is 10 seasons and it’s really addictive so you can finish the series in no time.

Ranked at number 4 is Shameless, another comedy show that’s about a south side family and all the crazy things that happen to them. The show easily leaves you in shock and makes you want to watch the next episode right away. There are so many different characters that all have such unique personalities it can be hard to choose a favorite, there is currently 7 seasons available on Netflix and season 8 is soon to be released.

The next recommended show at number 3 is Grey’s Anatomy, a show that mostly everyone has seen at least a few episodes or heard of it. Taking place in Seattle, the characters are doctors in ‘Seattle Grace Hospital’. Each episode has new patients and different situations, some turn into major key parts of the series and each character has problems and events of their own. The show has 13 seasons on Netflix currently while season 14 is being played on TV.

Second place on the list is Riverdale, a new Netflix original series. Riverdale is based off the old Archie comics, featuring many of the comic characters with similar personality traits, appearance and the same names. The show is full of unexpected situations and the issues of each family and character. So far the show has 1 season available on Netflix and season 2 is currently being released on TV. Riverdale is so addicting and waiting for the next episode to come out can make you pretty impatient sometimes.

Tt number one is Stranger Things, which is one of the top rated shows on Netflix. This Netflix original series is about a group of kids trying to solve the mysteries going on in their town. There’s a new problem every episode that keeps you waiting for what’s to come. The show has 2 seasons available on Netflix.