Is School Lunch Accommodating For All Students?

Mackenzie Skurupey, Staff Writer

Do the lunches at this school really support the students? The school goes by the Nutrition guide line that Michelle Obama had created. This was made so that children would get the nutrition they need. The food they picked was also healthy food  that would help the children’s brains so they they could have the energy to learn. Do the schools truly make everyone happy?

At Lake City we have a couple lines you can go into. There is the pizza line, main dish, salad, and a sub. Do these lunches truly accommodate everyone? There are many teens who have food allergies. Some of the allergies include peanuts, wheat, soy, and many others. These kids have to watch out and truly look at what is for lunch that day to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction. If you look at the options you have pizza, a sub, and main dish. If you are allergic to bread then you just have to eat a salad or whatever you bring for yourself. Many teens have to bring their own lunch because they can’t have most the items that the lunches provide.

Another thing about the lunches is they aren’t animal friendly. Lake City High School has a club that is trying to show that vegan food tastes the same as normal. “Our school offers a lot of salads and to the people that are vegan, they don’t want salad all the time.” said Addison McDonald. We have many vegans and vegetarians at Lake City who have to bring their own lunch because the school lunch doesn’t provide a way to see if the items are vegan or vegetarian.

Lake City should provide what ingredients are used in the food. This would also help the people with food allergies. With the food ingredients on hand it could help make school lunches safer for a lot of kids. They should also provide a vegan/ vegetarian bar. This would help teens and children feel like their school care about what they want.