Macklemore Lookalike

You may have heard of the popular Pop music icon Ben Haggerty, also more widely known as Macklemore. Don’t be alarmed if you think you see the musician wandering our halls (he isn’t an undercover student!). As it turns out, Lake City High School has quite a few Macklemore lookalikes. Substitute Shane Lauri has a striking resemblance to the celebrity, and receives many comments about his appearance. “I probably get around 10 comments about it for each class I substitute for. It gets annoying.” However, the comments don’t come from any other school in the district. “I have never had a comment from anybody at Coeur d’Alene High School, and I sub there 98 percent of the time. It’s only Lake City!” laughed Lauri. Other students with a likeness to the pop star also receive similar observations from their peers around the school. The attention seems unwanted and unnecessary, since many people have conflicting opinions about Macklemore and his music. “I would find it irritating to be compared to Macklemore based off my looks, I mean he is his own person”, comments sophomore Mariah Alexander. “Appearance is what defines you.” They may look astonishing similar, but for now the lookalikes continue their not-so-glamorous career as a student here at Lake City High while Macklemore continues producing music.