Holiday Day- FFTF 2018

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Addison McDonald, Staff

Spirit days are always so much fun because almost everyone loves them. Spirit days are a great time to show off your creativeness and to be yourself by showing what you love. Fight for the Fish week is full of tons of spirit days; some days will have more people who dress up for them then others but they are all fun. Fight for the Fish is a spirit competition between Lake City High School and Coeur d’Alene High School. 

Monday’s spirit day was holiday day. On holiday day you were to dress up in a way that represents your favorite holiday; this could include something as small as a Santa hat or something as extravagant as a full blown bunny costume. As you looked through the halls on Monday you probably saw tons of people wearing things from all sorts of holidays including Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and even New Years Eve. Some things you probably saw were people in onesies with Christmas designs, or Santa hats. Some people went all out by buying costumes and materials, but some people just wore a red or pink shirt but either way they were both equally showing school spirit, and representing Lake City in a positive way.

People dressed up for a couple of reasons, two of them being the fact that they love it, or some people dressed up for the same reason that sophomore Michaela Keister did, because “I had something for the day.” She wore a Christmas themed onesie. Or maybe you forgot about the day and pretended to be from a day that you weren’t from such as Addy Harris- Novak a freshmen who said “ I’m Halloween because I’m dressed in all black.” There are tons of holidays and that gives you tons of options of what you could of dressed up as.