Shine Online Assembly

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Tyler Parker, Editor-in-Chief

Today at Lake City High School we had Josh Ochs come talk to all of our students about social media.

Josh Ochs is a public social media educator from Santa Monica, California. Ochs used to work for Disney, where he learned a lot about marketing from the very best in the field of advertising. He went on to use the skills he learned to help companies with advertising on social media. Josh also started helping pre-teens and teenagers use social media correctly, becoming a part of the organization Smart Social. Ochs ran for mayor at one point in his life, which helped him to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of social media through his platform where he advertised himself with little funds.

Ochs’ main point in the assembly was that what we post does get noticed by many people, including employers, future employers, and college admissions. He went over how to make yourself seem as great as possible online, how to make it better if you are googled, and how you can get fired because of a tweet.

First of all, Ochs went over what we should post on social medias such as Instagram. He suggested to post pictures of volunteer work we’ve done or other work with others, not just posting selfies. Josh also giving us a “how to” on captions, having a basic outline of “Thank you to (whatever organization),” and then saying whatever it is that you did with the organization. This is to help with college admissions, when they look on your social media sites to find the kind of person that you are.

Next, Josh talked about how to have good things pop up on Google when people inevitably Google you. He went through examples of famous people, also showing us how to get our results to the very top. These included posting more on social media, using the pictures that he mentioned in the first part of his presentation.

Last, Ochs went over how you can get fired because of a tweet. He gave a real-life example of a woman who got fired before she even started because of a rude tweet about the company she was going to be working for, getting fired shortly after. Ochs warned us about what just a tweet can do, telling us to be smart on social medias.

All in all, it was a very useful presentation from Josh Ochs, and all of the students greatly appreciated the effort put in by him!