Students Lives Outside Of School

Hailey Jackson is a senior here at Lake city. Her hobbies consist of Softball, Basketball, Ironman, and theater/drama. In the Winter she likes to Ski! Hailey’s favorite season is summer. If she could have the perfect day off of school she would go to Florida. She has one little sister, Sydney Jackson a freshman here at Lake City, and has two cats. Hailey’s favorite subject is English, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Edmunds. Her favorite T.V. show is The Bachelorette, and her favorite song is I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes. Her best friend is Morgan Jett and her favorite food is an avocado. Last but not least her favorite drink is Chai Lattes Daily! This is all about Hailey Jackson!

Gabriel Geesey is a senior here at Lake City. He is also the one of the lead mentors here. His hobbies include: Lacrosse, acting and snowboarding. His favorite season is summer, but his ideal day off school would be spent snowboarding. Geesey has two older sisters and a dog named Zeus. His favorite tv show is Psych. You would most likely see Gabe drinking apple juice and eating his fathers marinated steak. Yumm! His favorite teacher is Mr. Edmonds, and his best buds are Joe Woodall and Sawyer Vershum.

Colby Acuff is a Junior here at Lake City. His hobbies include: Playing music, And hunting. He doesn’t play a school sport but participates in Hunting and Fishing. His ideal day off school would be spent hunting. So it shouldn’t surprise you that his favorite season is fall. He’s an only child and has 3 dogs. His favorite subject is history, but his favorite teacher is Mr. Georgius. He loves spongebob and his best friends are Cory Dan, Reilly Cherry, and Adam Chapman. You’d most likely see Colby eating steak and drinking a Cherry Pepsi.