Is the Cell Phone Policy Actually Helping?

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Makayla Colhoff, Staff Writer

There has been a new cell phone policy implemented to the students in the Coeur d’Alene School District which prevents us from having our phones on our person. Your cell phone has to stay in your backpack otherwise it will be taken by the teacher, then admitted to the office for your parents to come and pick it up.

The cell phone policy is meant to keep students from being on their phones in class so they aren’t as distracted and absent minded for the good of the students and the teachers. When I look around the classroom in any of my classes at LCHS, all I see are people using their cell phones even though they aren’t supposed to. They think that they are being sneaky, but we all know the teachers can tell when you are using them, and trying to hide them while you are told to be reading, or hiding them at your side while texting your friends.

I asked Mrs. Sandford what she thought about the cell phone policy, and if she thinks it actually is helping. She said “ the new cell phone policy, in my opinion is effective toward the students because some of them actually obey the rules and listen. There are always a few that do not care about the rules, and still don’t listen. Overall I do think that it is an effective policy”.

The Coeur d’Alene School District states devices should be powered off and off their person in a classroom setting unless use is authorized by school staff for a specific educational purpose. The new cell phone policy isn’t just cell phones it is all Personal Electronic Devices or PED’s. Directed by the district, PEDs will not be allowed within the classroom setting unless for

appropriate and intentional educational purposes, under the direction and supervision of school staff. The policy doesn’t allow us to have them on our person until we go to passing period or at lunch.

I do believe that the policy is helping control the amount of time that all the kids are on their phones, but it isn’t stopping them from going on them. If you get caught with your cell phone, they will get sent to the office for your parent or guardian to pick up. Some parents won’t pick up our phones. That is something that none of us want to happen.