LCHS Varsity Baseball Wins Districts


Image from Seth Aldridge

Makayla Colhoff, Staff Writer

The Lake City Timberwolves varsity baseball team won the 5A Inland Empire League Baseball title with a victory of 4-1 against the Coeur d’Alene Vikings. The last time that we have won a league title was in 2004. 

Tuesdays game was our Senior day for the varsity baseball team and to notice these 6 amazing players. Kodie Kolden, Kyle Manzardo, Brandon Gay, Zack Sensel, Benji White, and William Mayo are all seniors on the varsity team. This is our seniors last year to play in high school baseball.

The Lake City Timberwolves are ranked number three in the state of Idaho. The head coach Paul Manzardo has coached his team to a victory for the first game, but fell a little short for the second. The teams Kodie Kolden struck out seven of the CHS players, while Kyle Manzardo and Bennett Cunningham each drove in a pair of runs.

Kodie Kolden is a senior who plays as a shortstop and a pitcher. He was the pitcher for the first game which was the most valuable one out of the two. “ While I have been here the baseball team has had more of a winning culture, and in 2016 we even won state, but they didn’t make it to leagues. I feel like I wasn’t as warmed up as I would have liked at the beginning of the first game, but as we got further into the game, I felt warmed up and ready to do the best I could.” stated Kodie Kolden. He is going to take his talent, and interest of baseball with him to Washington State College to play baseball there.

Kyle Manzardo and Kodie Kolden are the top two players for the varsity team, they are going to be going to WSU together. Kyle plays as and infielder and  pitcher. They both received scholarships from Washington State, and are looking forward to what’s to come in their future.

Zach Sensel is what you call a dirtbag, which is a baseball term. He plays the positions of infielder and pitcher. Brandon Gay and Will Mayo have played on varsity for two years, and have done very well with them team. Benji White traveled from the lower levels of baseball and made it to varsity, and worked very hard to get where he is.

This whole team should be proud for what they have accomplished, and how well they played. There are still many games to come before the season is over, and there is still time to watch the games, and go an support our Lake City Timberwolf Varsity Baseball Team.