Is Drinking Milk Healthy?


Chloe Pegoraro, Staff Writer

Milk. It is something that comes in many different flavors and something we grew up drinking. It’s in a lot of things we eat daily so is milk really that healthy for us?

The biggest reason milk is bad for you is the sugar. The average cup of 1% milk has 13 grams of sugar in it. While the average person should only consume 125 calories from sugar each day (about 25 grams). So, if you have a couple glasses of milk a day in a variety of foods that is terrible for your health. You don’t get fat from fat, you get fat from sugars.  High sugar consumption can cause diabetes,heart disease, obesity, build up in blood acids,etc.

One of milk’s known main benefits is calcium for healthy bones in children, however, recent research has shown otherwise. A study from PCRM has shown that “dairy products have little to no benefit on bones.” Milk’s sugar, fat, and saturated fat poses big risks for childhood obesity and heart disease. So it is not worth drinking something with little to no benefit on bones if it is that bad for you.

According to a article from HelloMonaco website “Most dairy cattle are injected with a cocktail of hormones to artificially increase milk production.” These hormones in milk have been proven to cause acne, prostate cancer, and ironically bone loss. It is terrible what we do to the cows and ourselves just to have milk a little faster, a risk that is not worth taking at all for the good of everyone.

So next time you drink milk at lunch or anywhere else, think of the sugars and everything else that comes with drinking milk.