Tips on How to Study For Finals

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Makayla Colhoff, Staff Writer

Studying can be very helpful for many students when they are getting ready for a small or big test. There are many ways to study that can be helpful for different people. A few ways that can be beneficial to our memory abilities is by creating your own study guide by using your notes, and information that may be on the exam. When you make and write your own study guide the information is more likely to stick in your mind, than just getting one from a teacher.

Another way to study is by asking questions in class, or outside of class. The more questions you ask the more information you have to do better on your final. You have to use the resources that you are given, and your teachers are always there to help you. That is what they are there for.

When you know that there is a big test, or a final coming up in the near future you might want to think about forming a study group with fellow classmates, or some of your friends that have the same classes as you. You can also compare your notes because not everyone takes the same notes, and the people in your study group can help motivate you to do your best.

You also want to quiz yourself on the information that will be on the test, might be, or even the information that probably won’t be on the exam. Your brain has to familiarize itself with the information that it is studying so it can know kind of what to expect on the exam. Have your parents, or other family members quiz you as well, students tend to remember the information they are quizzed on rather than what they quiz themselves on.

Studying is a very good habit to have when you have to take a test. Tests can become very stressful and put a ton of pressure on you when you are not prepared or ready for what is to come on that piece of paper that is set on your desk.  That piece of paper can be very valuable to your grade, you want to do the best that you can. Never wait till the last minute to study and make yourself prepared.