Tips On How to Succeed in High School

Tips On How to Succeed in High School

Makayla Colhoff, Staff Writer

Some people think that going into high school is a major step in teenagers lives, for some of them it is and for others it is just another year of school and another year closer to being finished. To succeed in high school isn’t very far fetched from being successful in any other year of school. Here are some ways that you can be successful in your 4 years that you will be spending in high school.

You want to give your brain enough charge or power to make it through the day of learning and thinking. Make sure that you get a good night sleep which can help your memory and your worth ethic in your classes. Sleep plays an extensive role in becoming an effective learner. Also you want to make sure that you are eating a good breakfast in the morning because when your body doesn’t get the right nutrients it has nowhere to pull energy from to power you through the day.

Another tip to be successful in high school is that you want to stay organized. Organization is a big key to be successful, when you stay organized you are putting less stress on yourself and not a ton of pressure to complete things at the last minute. Ways that you can keep organized is to make sure you are preparing for your tests and getting your homework done when it is assigned.

Success in high school doesn’t always mean to do everything right. You want to enjoy the fours years of your life before you become an adult and have to make big choices. I asked Mrs.Sandford a teacher here at Lake City, and also the advisor of the FCCLA club, what she thought it takes to be successful in high school and her response was “To be successful in high school you want to have fun with it, it is only a small part of your timeline called life and you want to enjoy it. You also want to be involved in your school. The more involved you are the more you will enjoy high school”.

High school doesn’t have to be a bad experience, it could be 4 years of fun as long as you work hard and of course have fun. If you stress and are worried about high school being super hard and the worst 4 years of your life, know that it won’t be. High school is just 4 other grades that will help you learn and be successful in life.