Popular Songs Right Now

Image from Billboard.com

Image from Billboard.com

Kaia Sherman, Staff Writer

For decades, music has been a way for people to express themselves while doing something they love. From instrumental to rock-and-roll, music can vary immensely depending on the writer. Music is more diverse now than ever and everyone can find a genre or artist that they enjoy listening to that allows them to express themselves. Music is an escape from the world and can help you see any situation in a new light.

Today, according to Billboard’s Top 100, the most popular song right now is Girls Like You, by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B. Billboard describes the song as a man crooning about “…a woman he doesn’t deserve… The song delves into spending late nights, weekends and days with a special significant other.” The song calls to people due to how pure and truthful the song is and how anyone can relate to it.

Number 2 on Billboard’s Top 100 is Travis Scott’s song Sicko Mode. It is part of his new album Astroworld and is five minutes long. The song seems to be split into three different parts, all of them unique in their own way but still mashing together to create an incredible piece that deserves its place at number 2.

Other songs include Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD at number 3, Happier by Marshmello and Bastille with spot number 4, and Better Now by Post Malone in the number 5 spot on Billboard’s Top 100 Chart. These songs are different from each other in many ways but are the top 5 for a reason. They all speak to listeners in a way that they can easily relate to their words, making that artists’ music more appealing to them than other tracks that have been released. All of the artists that I have mentioned have dedicated their lives to provide amazing music for listeners all over the world and deserve their spot at the top.