Homework: Helpful or Harmful?

Image from SanDiego.edu

Image from SanDiego.edu

Kaia Sherman, Staff Writer

Homework is a big part of going to school. It can require hours of time outside of school that most people would rather use as time to chill at home or hang out with friends. It can also however, be incredibly helpful and can help you succeed in school. If you do not have homework, your brain is ignoring all of the things you learned during school hours which makes it easy to forget. With homework, you review the subjects that you went over in class which can help you understand the curriculum better.

It does however depend on how you use it. Homework is an asset that only becomes one if you complete it in a way that helps you. If you complete what your teacher requires and have a negative outlook on the situation, the information that you learn or study will not stick in your brain as well as if you have a positive outlook about it. With anything, you enjoy it more if you go into it believing that is will be fun rather than thinking that is will be bothersome.

Another way that homework is helpful is that it gives you good resources to study from. In most cases, the things you go over in your homework are what your tests and quizzes are going to focus on. If your teacher does not give you a study guide, the only thing you will have to study off of is your notes and sometimes they can be hard to understand or do not give you enough information to fully understand the question or problem you are trying to complete. Before a test, being able to go over everything that you learned in that unit can help you in every subject which will benefit your overall grade.

Having all of your homework available to study off of can also allow you to develop good study habits that will also be an asset to you. Good study habits have been scientifically proven to help students in school to not only get good grades, but to also understand what they are learning on a deeper level.

Many students believe that homework is a nuisance, something teachers give you to punish you and nothing more but it can be so beneficial to you as a student. Homework helps the curriculum to be more easily remembered as well as having an easy study reference. All of this leads back to one thing, good grades which can ultimately determine the rest of your life. Doing well on homework is crucial to your life at school and can mean the difference between enjoying you high school experience, or having an awful time in what can be some of the most memorable years of your life.