Sources of Strength at Lake City


Ashley Jennings, Staff Writer

Here at Lake City we have many clubs and opportunities for students to take leadership roles.  Students at Lake City can lead in student council, the mentoring program, clubs and sports, and now the new program being started called Sources of Strength. A lot like mentoring, Sources of Strength is meant to lead a group of selected students in training that will eventually begin to make the school environment a better place for peers.

The first Sources of Strength training was held on February 6th, 2019, and a large group of Lake City students spent the whole day learning about the program and how to implement all the different parts of it into their lives and the lives of people they know. The training for Sources of Strength is centered about directing negative thoughts and actions to more positive and productive aspects in life. This program focuses on a wheel that contains 8 different parts of a healthy lifestyle, mental health, family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality,  and medical access. The training consisted about learning how all these different sections in a person’s life can affect them in positive or negative ways.

Sources of Strength is training student leaders to help their peers so that our community can become a better place. This program is taking a new and fresh path to help prevent suicide by educating young people how to turn their focus away from the negative parts of their lives to the positive. This program is teaching teens how to healthily acknowledge parts in their lives that are not giving them strength or healthy benefits and how to shift that negative energy to all the positive things in their lives that strengthen them and protect them. Sources of Strength is important because it engages teens from all backgrounds all across the country to help change how thousands of young people see their lives and themselves just by shedding light of the positive things in life.