Clubs at This School That You May Not Have Heard Of


Erika McDonald, Staff Writer

Many students wonder, “What can I do to be more involved in school?” Well, whether you want to be more involved in school or want to find people with similar interests, joining a club is a great way to do both of those things. While there are many sports clubs that you may know of, there are plenty of other clubs, many of them are student made and run. Here are some clubs at Lake City that you may not have heard of.

GSA – This club is all about welcoming all kinds of students. It is a safe place for students of all sexuallities and gender orientations to meet. A usual club meeting consists of an activity, usually either a discussion, a presentation or a game, after that students are free to just chat and talk about their day until three-thirty when the club is over. They meet every Tuesday in Mrs.Chapman’s room (Art 1), and they even have an anonymous question box in there as well!

Hogwarts club – This is a recently formed club, so new that it isn’t even in the school directory yet. Meeting every Wednesday, the club does at the name suggests, they do things related to Harry Potter and watch the movies. Hogwarts four houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw) are included, and recently the club did events for the Triwizard tournament, house Hufflepuff won. So if you are interested in joining or even just seeing what house you would be in, the club is held on Wednesdays in room B2.

Anime club – Anime club meets every Friday in Mrs.Pomerantz room until four-thirty. The usual club activity is – you guessed it – watching anime. The show that they watch is usually picked out and voted upon my the whole club, occasionally they watch a movie instead. Most of the time snacks and drinks are provided and the club does take donations to make sure that the snacks are available.  

Some other clubs at this school is – Art club who meets every Monday in Mrs.Myers Art Room 2, Literature club who meets every Wednesday in Mrs.Scourey’s room, and Environmental club who meets on Thursdays in Mr. Esler’s room.