Mental Health & High School


Asia Heston, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, mental health is a very common struggle within high schools. The battle with your own mind can disrupt everyday activities ranging from a pop quiz to taking notes. These silent diseases, most commonly depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, live among the halls of Lake City High School. Even though you might not be able to see it, the person sitting next to you could be fighting an internal battle of their own. This battle makes everyday tasks a hassle. From personal experiences, living a normal day to day life with a mental illness is exhausting and finding relief can be difficult, especially in places such as Idaho. With all of these hardships surrounding mental health, is Lake City High School taking any steps towards fixing any of these problems?

Lake City High School is trying its best to hire a counselor that specializes in treating students with depression and anxiety. The only problem with this is the cost, which is hopefully going to be covered by the school’s Levy. If Lake City gets enough votes on the Levy and is granted the 16 million dollars, there will finally be a resource that people could reach out to if needed. Finding stability is very important for a person struggling with a mental illness and having a therapist on site 24/7 would be a great benefit towards that.  

Hiring a new counselor isn’t the only new feature that would be added to the school. There will be a significant amount of high level security put in, which includes a guard that will walk around the school just to make sure doors are closed and locked. The arts and musical programs will obtain a profit of the money as well. So, if the levy is granted, the school would be benefited in every way for the good.