New Choir Teacher: Mrs. Pfundheller


Skye Boyd, Copy Editor

This year at Lake City we have a new Choir Teacher, Mrs. Pfundheller! Mrs. Pfundeller is a friendly and kind new teacher, currently teaching five different Choir classes, Music Theory and Sources of Strength with roughly 160 students. She’s originally from Post Falls, Idaho and has seven years of experience teaching at both schools in Spokane and the Woodland Middle School here in Coeur d’Alene. She also used to run her own music studio! 

In her free time she enjoys crocheting, playing ukulele, and even performing with her husband! Another activity she enjoys is spending time with her kids and sleeping.

Her first week here at Lake City has been tiring as she’s been adjusting to the block schedule and that she “feels like a freshman.” One of Mrs. Pfundheller’s first impressions of Lake City was how big the school is and how much talent the students here have. She hopes to “build a rocking program” and have the choir be known and more involved with the community here at LCHS. “[I’m] super excited to be here and making music with more mature instruments,” Mrs. Pfundheller said when asked about any long term goals.

Mrs. Pfundheller was motivated to work here as she loves the area and knows many of the students from her work at Woodland. It’s been a long term career goal to work in a large high school, so she’s happy to work here. For college she attended Eastern Washington University.

If you’re interested in joining choir for yourself she said to, “stop by and see me, even if you don’t have experience!” Currently at our school we have 5 different choirs, Navy Blues Vocal Jazz, Chamber Choir, Timber Wolf Select, Mixed Choir and also Treble Choir, all of which she teaches. She wants more students to join and encourages any interested!