Paranormal Investigation Club


Green Johnson, Staff Writer

With new students joining Lake City every year, it’s not uncommon that an interesting new club will start up as well. The Paranormal Investigation Club is one of them, where students of all kinds meet on Tuesdays, 3:00 to 4:00 in B-1 to discuss all things weird and unnatural.

In the Paranormal Club, students share stories and theories about anything from ghosts and ghouls to cryptids and urban legends. “We talk about the unknown, uncomfortable, and the paranormal,” said Lynn, the club president. “We welcome humans of every species. We just want to have fun and have a dandy old time.”

The president of the Paranormal Investigation Club, Lydia Lynn Davis, is a freshman who started the club when she found out there wasn’t one here yet. “When I went and asked about it they looked at me like I was crazy, so I went and made one.” When asked what her hopes were for the club, Lynn said she wanted students to “come here and learn something they didn’t know they wanted to learn, and create an environment that welcomes everyone.”

The club is currently looking into fundraising plans in order to buy a spirit box, a device that detects certain high-level frequencies to communicate with potential nearby ghosts. They would also like to purchase haunted objects, make a YouTube channel, and possibly visit a haunted location on a club field trip. Supposedly, the club has already proclaimed a haunted object of their own: a clown doll named Julius. Though they have not been able to find evidence of paranormal activity surrounding the doll quite yet, he has quickly been dubbed the club mascot.

So if you want to join a club that explores spooky stories, unsolved mysteries, and strange conspiracies, the Paranormal Club invites you to their small community of Paranormal investigators.