Balancing Life as A Student


Dawson Carpenter, Staff Writer

Most of the students here at Lake City High School have other things in there life than just school. Some students work, some students play a sport or multiple, some even do both. With having so much on your plate at one time you need to know how to manage your time.

Students that play sports and go to school have a tough schedule as it is, then you add in work, family, friends, and a good night’s sleep. Sports can take up quite a bit of time after school and on the weekends. Then let’s say two of the sports you play overlap one another, so now you have to go to half of this practice and go to half of the other practice. While still maintaining good grades and still having a personal life.

 If you work you should talk to your boss and tell them when you are available and explain to them that you play sports and that you do extracurricular activities, most likely they will understand. You could have the option like quite a few kids do when they get busy in the school year and have a summer job. Only work in the summer, then when school comes around you have made some money and you won’t have to worry about a job in the middle of finals week or the night of the biggest game of the season. 

Being a student athlete can be tough when it’s friday night and you want to go hang out with your friends or you got a paper due at 12 0’clock that night. Grades are important and you have to keep on top of them. So you have to work on your homework when you have that extra 15 minutes in class or when you are waiting for a ride home or when you have a couple of minutes that are free. You need to talk to your teachers if you know you are gonna be missing there class because of a big wrestling meet because the teachers will appreciate it that you care about your grade.

If you do play sports and go to school and want to have a life outside of school you will need to know how to balance your time and know what you can and can’t do. When you have such a busy life you learn quick, these are just some tips about managing your time.