All American


Justice Leonard, Staff Writer

Have you ever found yourself so engulfed into a specific show that you can not stop thinking or talking about it? Well, that’s what this show has done for me. All American is a show on Netflix based on high school football. I first discovered this show when the first season came out in October of last year.

During the very first episode I was drawn in by the cast, the idea of football, and the real-life drama created by rival schools. I watched all of season 1 on Netflix within a week or two and a season 2 just came out 2 weeks ago. The creators of this show are very understanding of young adults because every episode relates to my friends and I in some way. My love for football also connects me to this show because it is just like Lake City and CHS.

In the series of All American, there are 2 rival schools, Beverly High and Crenshaw High. Beverly High School is basically for the “rich kids” and they have always had the nicer side of things. The other High School, Crenshaw, is named after a real town in California. This town is categorized as “the hood” and gang activity is constantly active, even in the show. Spencer James, the star of the show and the star of Beverly’s football team, takes us along a journey of his life with other views of his best friends and family. The drama included in the show is not just between the two rival high schools. Spencer and his personal life are affected by his father who appears into the show after 9 long years of being gone. Spencer wins a state championship and his best friend coop is heavily involved with the activity of Crenshaw’s multiple gangs. Spencer eventually talks her into getting out of it which was harder than it sounds meaning coop ended up killing somebody. The story line continues and new problems are created every tuesday which is when a new episode comes out.