Toxic Decisions


Kielirae Armour, Staff Writer

Interesting, isn’t it? Everybody on this planet will make a toxic decision in their lives at some point. Sometimes they will think that they are following their heart and doing the right things, other times they will know that they are doing the wrong thing, but will continue to pursue in the decision that they are making. 

Toxic decisions would be decisions like choosing to participate in something that could ruin your life. For example, choosing to stay in a relationship that isn’t the best for you will probably result in a toxic relationship and a toxic decision because you are choosing to stay in the toxic relationship.

This could also be problematic for your emotional state and mental state because it is toxic and therefore will tear you into pieces before you even know it. It isn’t the best feeling at all to be in harsh times, which toxic decisions lead to harsh times. 

For example, if you choose to not listen to your parents and do your own thing, then your parents can take things away from you to punish you. This will lead you to harsh times because you and your parents are not on the best terms and on top of that you had to have things get taken away from you. 

If we evaluate our options and sleep on things a bit longer and justify the situation instead of going and making a rash decision in a very quick minute then it will lead us away from the road of toxic decisions.  It is important to reanalyze your situation and think logically before you decide on anything. You are trying to protect your emotional and mental states, do not ruin them by going and making harsh decisions with very little time. 

Many people go through big things throughout their lives and have to make big decisions, so don’t be the ones that fail at decision making and become someone who is logical in their thinking and decision making.