Teens on Valentine’s Day


Chantell Mueller, Staff Writer


Valentine’s day is right around the corner and lots of people are getting dates or are planning parties to have some fun with their friends. Sometimes being a teenager it can be really hard to get a date because lots of people already have one or don’t want one. People have mixed thoughts on the holiday only people with Valentine’s will enjoy it. For adults, it can be very different because they just do dinner and maybe a card but for adults, the anniversary is more special. So I interviewed a handful of people to see what they said.



  1. Flowers or Candy? 
  2. Perfect Date?
  3. Date night in or out?
  4. Do you have a Valentine’s?
  5. If you’re dating someone plans to stay together?
  6. Believe in love at first sight?

Eli R.

  1. “Candy.”
  2. “Movie night.”
  3. “Night in.”
  4. “I do have a valentine.”
  5. “Yes.”
  6. “No.”

Kaleb W.

  1. “Flowers.”
  2. “Netflix in bed.”
  3. “Stay home if parents aren’t home.”
  4. “I do not have a valentine.”
  5. “If I get in a relationship than ya.” 
  6. “No.”

Sam Y.

  1. “Candy.” 
  2. “Night in the woods in the summer watching the stars cuddling.”
  3. “Out.”
  4. “Idk.”
  5. “Yes.”
  6. “Almost.”


  1. “Candy.”
  2. “At home doing not cliche things.”
  3. “In.”
  4. “Not.”
  5. “Don’t have one.”
  6. “No.”

Ethan G.

  1.  “Twix (candy).” 
  2. “Perfect date: movie night.”
  3.  “In.” 
  4. “Not any more.”
  5.  “Stay with who.”
  6. “Yes kinda.”

Kayla C.

  1.  “Candy.”  
  2. “Giant blanket fort and just cuddle.” 
  3. “Night out.” 
  4. “Yes.” 
  5. “Yes.” 
  6. “Yes.”

Lilly K.

  1. Candy
  2. “Movies or walk around downtown and go through stores and eat at a bunch of places.” 
  3. “Date and sometimes just stay and watch a movie.”
  4. “I would like a valentine but I probably won’t get one or I might get one but it will probably be from a friend.” 
  5. “Well I hope so I mean that’s a point of a relationship is to stay together as long as things are groovy.” 
  6. “Maybe?” “I wouldn’t really know? I’m 15?”

Emma H.

  1. “Candy.” 
  2. “Movies and get food.” 
  3. “Out.”
  4.  “No.”
  5.  “No.” 
  6. “No.”