Perks of Working for Silverwood


Rachell Bennett, Staff Writer

Silverwood Theme Park is a great place to work over the summer. Silverwood offers a bunch of jobs based on your age and what you’re interested in doing. When you work at Silverwood under the age of 16 you can open but you can’t close, you work up to 8 hours a day and you get paid  $8.75. When you work there over the age of 16 it depends on what department you work in, I worked in the games department and I got paid 11 dollars an hour. Also when you are over the age of 16 you can open and close and work more than 8 hours a day .


            When you start working at Silverwood, most jobs are in the sun so make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen, which human resources have big jugs of it in the office. Stay hydrated also, they give you a water bottle that you can fill in the wing over at any time. Speaking of the wing over, Silverwood has basically one employee version of a food court, they sell food that the park sells at a discounted price. Silverwood is always concerned about the safety of its staff so they offer things to the employees to make sure they are always safe from the sun.


 Working at Silverwood has a lot of benefits. The pay at the Silverwood is really good. Also every 30 hours you work you get a free Silverwood ticket for family and friends. Your employee ID is a silver pass so you get in free whenever you want. When buying anything in the park you get 30 percent off your purchase. They always do events after the park closes. For example, on the night they had cake and roller coaster night where you rode the roller coaster after the park closed and ate cake. Overall Silverwood is a great place to work.