Roles of technology; in the life of a teenager

According to, 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half, 47%,of them own smartphones. We all see people constantly using technology, always sucked into the social aspect of life, but is it a bad or a good thing? Though for many of us, we have grown up for more than half of our lives with cell phones, but the new fad is tablets, ipods and the new on-the-go gadgets. 3% of teens have tablets, 95% use the internet, and 93% of teens have a computer at home. With the changes in technology and new advancements in gadgets, there are many opportunities to communicate with others more efficiently. According to Washington, today’s teen’s spend more than 7 ½ hours daily preoccupied in the world of technology , that’s almost ⅓ of your day! There are many new forms of technology and so many ways to get your cares, concerns, and thoughts out for people to see. Technology is changing , are you changing with it?