Seniors Prevail in Spike n’ Stuff

Seniors prevail in Spike n’ Stuff

Spike n’ Stuff was once again won by the seniors. Although it wasn’t rewarded with a state title, it still had a competitive edge to all of the games. The rules were normal and the score still went to 25 which may seem like a lot to the viewers but when you are in the heat of the game it goes by faster than lightning. The games were almost as upbeat and intense as normal volleyball matches but with a lot more friendliness. The winning team was not a surprise, for the captain of the Dine-Em squad was Madi Farrell, who carried them through to the championship game. The winning team consisted of: Madi Farrell, Hailey Jackson, Ellie Saunders, Tiffany Lewis, Emma Burke, Kyle Guice, Jacob Dahls, Chuckie Adams, Logan Hammons, Jake Vetch, and Sam Balas. One more award was given and that was the sportsmanship award. That was handed to the Rumpshakers led by Kassie Whitcomb, Maggie Parker, and Tyler Gittel.