Is Driving Safe?

Are the roads here really safe? Friends and family need to pay attention. In Hawks Nest, a family was home enjoying the evening when they heard the revving of an engine. A man with 5 D.U.I.’s crashed into their home. The mother was pinned between the wall and the car. She ended up with a broken neck and two shattered vertebrae.  Her daughter, a ten year old girl, was also harmed badly. The wall that was hit came down on her and shattered her hip bone.  The mother was not paralyzed but badly injured.  Think of these people as your family, as a brother or sister… how would you feel if someone who was drunk killed your mother or father? A few safety reminders:  Buckle your seat belt, the best way to prevent drunk driving is simply to not drink.  Children under 12 in Idaho are not allowed to sit in the passenger seat.  Please be safe.  Click it or ticket!      photo found at  (