Seahawks, Harvin Returns

During this past week Percy Harvin was hyped for his debut in the game against the Minnesota Vikings and persistently nagged on Pete Carroll to let him play as a wide receiver and kick returner. Caroll at first said no, but with less than a minute left in the first half Caroll put in Harvin for the position. Anxiously waiting to see if the Seahawks would win by the game-changing plays they have waited to see from Harvin for the last three months. The game ended in a domination 41-20, “It was something I wanted real bad and not just because I wanted to make a big play, but I’m a kick returner so I wanted to get back there and get a feel for the kick returning again,” Harvin said. Playing in his first NFL game in more than a year, Harvin had a 58-yard kickoff return to set up a touchdown late in the second quarter, along with an unbelieve 17-yard diving catch to keep another TD alive earlier in the first half. This was also special for Harvin since the Minnesota Vikings are his former team. The seahawks seem to be overcoming so many obstacles, seems en route to Superbowl XLVII.