High School Love, Does it Exist?

How many people actually marry their high school sweetheart? Are the chances of this high or is this a no go? Statistics say thats only about 14% of teenagers in high school marry their high school love. Sad, right? Most people marry someone met through work, friends, or someone they just randomly met. These are more likely than marrying the person right out of high school sadly. Many people believe that they are so in love in high school, but are they really? A lot of this could just be puppy love. Who knows though? They could really be with the person they will be with forever. For most people who believe they are meant to be, I sure hope you will end up together at the end because losing the one you love is always hard. Marriage is a giant thing that could change your life forever. However, marrying your high school love is very possible. If you love someone then you should go for it no matter what circumstances there are. Even though high school marriage isn’t very likely it should be a definite possibility.