Fitness is becoming more important every day in the U.S and all over the world.  It is very important to be active for approximately 40-45 minutes a day. It’s becoming more of a problem when kids would much rather play video games and watch TV rather than go outside and be active. It is scientifically proven that kids who are not getting enough outside time or any physical activity are developing obesity or physical problems such as back pains from bad posture, carpal tunnel from constant hand motion, and  neck aches from having their heads stiff for too long. Music also has a bit to do with some of the physical problems kids have today. Blaring music through headphones on a daily basis could also affect your body physically by  causing you to go deaf in an early age. The same thing goes for TV. Who doesn’t want to just sit back all day and watch your favorite TV shows and movies? But you have to remember that staring at the TV for too long can hurt your eye vision if you stare too much. Limiting that amount of time you stare at the TV or blare music through headphones should protect yourself and help you live a healthy life.