Boy Saves Family

When 6-year-old Brevin Hunter heard the tornado warnings he surprisingly knew exactly what to do. Put down his video game , and head down to the basement. The reluctant mother, who was confused about the situation was persistently bothered by her son to head downstairs. Looking outside, the skies seemed clear and calm. Fortunately the son bugged the mom enough she gave into his directions. Roughly 10 minutes after they went to the basement , the tornado hit the familys home. Both of them were saved because of Brevin. The mother, Lisa Hunter, explained to the Chicago Tribune, “There’s no way I would have gone if he hadn’t kept nagging me.ā€ The family is now staying at the emergency shelter at the Crossroads Methodist Church. A nurse, Lucinda Greshman, explains the incident as a miracle, “They are alive today because of that boy.” The winds recorded, by the Weather Channel, said the tornado at winds up to 200 miles per hour.