Week One Teacher Interview


Deanne Clifford is the principle here at Lake City. She is married to Bruce Clifford and has two sons.  Her eldest son is Doug Clifford, who is a doctor and is now engaged. Her second sons name is Billy Clifford and is in college, majoring in education.  Mrs. Clifford also has two dogs, a yellow lab named Max, and a redbone coonhound named Miller.  Her hobbies consist of spending times with her two dogs and shooting.  She shoots at targets with a 9 millimeter rifle.  When she was in school her favorite subject was English.  Her favorite colors are navy and purple, and chicken is her favorite food.   Mrs. Clifford’s favorite drink is sweetened ice tea and her favorite T.V. shows are Dexter, and Homeland.  Last, but definitely not least, her favorite song is Roar by the magnificent Katy Perry. Her favorite book is ‘The Right Man’ by Lieutenant Patterson.  Vote for your favorite teacher to learn all about their fascinating lives just like Mrs.Clifford!