History of Turkey Day

Turkey Day, also known as Thanksgiving in America, mainly focuses on giving thanks to others and for the different aspects of our lives. Canadians and some other nationalities also celebrate this traditional holiday. This holiday represents people giving thanks for the harvest and proceeding on with their year. This holiday originates from the pilgrims. Before we could just go to any super food market to buy a turkey, turkeys were hunted, de-feathered, gutted, and eaten a couple hours later. Puritans thought of Thanksgiving as specials acts of providence. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and the second Monday of October. Most families, when they give thanks, cook a turkey and stuff it with stuffing, enjoy some cranberry sauce, and may have a couple hoagie rolls here and there. Saying grace with all of the people included at your dinner table is a big thing on Thanksgiving. In North America, pumpkin pie is the most common dessert served after everyone is done chowing down on their turkey and such. Thanksgiving has been celebrated for many, many years and it’s just a simple thank you for the things you appreciate most.