What Will You Remember Most About High School After You Have Graduate?

As fun and memorable as high school is for most people, eventually we all have to leave one day. Everyday, some students look forward to things before they come to school, maybe it’s friends, a certain class they enjoy, clubs, etc. What are you going to look back on and remember most about high school? High school is the time to make mistakes, live your life, and learn new things. Most of what we learn about life is mostly in high school. All the friends you have now, most of them you won’t know still when you graduate and grow up and enter the adult world, you may have to stop a second to remember their name when you bump into them in the grocery store, and when you do, you’re gonna remember all the times you had with that friend. High School is when you constantly make mistakes, to get them right in the future, or when you run to your parents for help because you really messed up. High school in opinion is the most important time of your life, that people continuously look back on and tell stories about constantly. Everything you have in high school, friends, clubs etc. will be the most important things you will remember most.