Lake City dominates in season opener

Lake City dominates in season opener

Lake City is a good team when Kyle Guice is on the bench, but when he is on the court and in his zone they’re dangerous.

By the sound of the tip off whistle Kyle and the T-wolves were ready to pounce. It wasn’t like it was a back and forth game where one team wins the first quarter and another wins the second, it was all in favor of Lake City who especially dominated the second half.

It isn’t a surprise that the reigning MVP in the 5A Inland Empire League Kyle Guice lead the team with 20 points and also collected nine rebounds and two blocks that sparked the crowd.

In the first half the tempo of the game was slower and more tense, but in the second half they played loose and with  intensity. It definitely showed that they worked harder in the third and fourth quarter because they racked in 33 of their 51 points, leaving Wenatchee in the dust.

This was a good way to kick off the season for the Wolves that will soon be going into the Dan Fitzgerald Memorial Tournament in Spokane where they will be playing Mountain View of Vancouver, Washington

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Photographer: Shawn Gust/Press