Could Russell Wilson be the youngest player since Dan Marino to be MVP?

For only being in the league for two years, he has become one of the best players and most well-known sports idols in the NFL.

Although he is only 25 he has a legitimate chance of winning the MVP, but he still has to prove himself over Peyton Manning and other former MVP’s.

It isn’t just the Seahawk nation that recognizes his face, but the whole world and he now has an opportunity to make the most of his prime time in the NFL. He might only be 5”11 but he is strong, athletic, smart, and has a passion for the game that many others don’t.

Although his statistics aren’t as well built as Peyton Manning’s are, he still has 456 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns to only six interceptions. One contributing factor to Russell’s lack of passes is because the Seattle offense isn’t built just for passing, it is a mix between their dominating run game which is one of the best in the game and passing. If the Seahawks didn’t have a half back like Marshawn Lynch they wouldn’t have such a balanced offense, but it does make for the defense to be on their toes all the time!

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Photographer: Jonathan Ferry/ Getty Images