Black Cats and Broken Mirrors

Superstitions have been around for generations upon generations and new ones form all of the time. Even though new superstitions are formed every day, the older ones continue to be told. According to North Carolina’s Stress Management Center, the Friday the 13th superstition is all in our heads. We may put two and two together, and if anything bad happens on Friday the 13th we automatically associate it with the superstition, only because of the mind’s desire to associate thoughts and symbols with events. Ever heard that breaking a mirror is one surefire way of dooming yourself to seven years of bad luck? That superstition is based on the belief that mirrors can hold on to a piece of your soul, so when you break the mirror the soul or souls that were trapped in the mirror will doom you to have bad luck! The superstitious fear of black cats arises from the fear of a witch’s animal companion, which would mean you get bad luck from crossing the witch’s path, not the cat’s. There is a wide variety of superstitions out there,  and for  more information go to:, but for now here is a poem
about a few common superstitions!




Black Friday means

Nothing to me

For I am not

Superstitious, you see?

I don’t cross my fingers

When telling a lie

Thirteen is unlucky?

Please tell me, why?

Walking under a ladder

Has never done any harm

It’s just another Friday

So I remain calm

No rabbit’s foot

Or lucky horse shoe

Did the rabbit no good

Nor the horse whose now glue

So these are my thoughts,

Am I understood?

Then maybe I will win gold

I hope……….. (Knocking on wood)

Poem By: Gary Wayne Hill

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