What Is The New Trend?

When you’re walking through those halls, what do you notice about peoples clothes? Do they all look the same, or do they all look different?  Kids all over the Coeur D’Alene school districts are constantly starting trends, whether it’s the type of shoes you wear,shirts, pants, jewelry, everything! So lake city, what’s the new trend this year? Is it the fancy purses I see students constantly carrying around, the beanies,leggings or sweatshirt? I love the new trend of scarves and beanies. It’s getting cold out and students are now bringing out the winter coats of beanies and scarves which in opinion is absolutely adorable. everyday i see students wearing leggings,beanies, and a sweater, the new trend is sophisticated, elegant and appropriate to the school dress code, and you style have a glamourous style.