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Timberwolf Times

FFTF Boys Basketball Game

FFTF Boys Basketball Game

January 23, 2017

Basketball Game Recap

Basketball Game Recap

December 8, 2016

5 Most Dangerous Sports in High School

Jaden Rebo, Staff Writer

December 2, 2016

Men’s Ice Hockey - Every 25 students out of 1 million students have been hurt intensely and even been killed in this sport. Many players experience concussions everyday due to this sport activity. The speed players gain on th...

From Paws To Claws

Laryssa Mikesell, Opinion/Student Life

October 27, 2015

Powder puff is the time when us ladies can show the guys what we’ve got, even though it’s just flag football everyone seems to get a kick out of it. The juniors took the win in powder puff, they always had on game face an...

Fall Sports

Fall Sports

October 20, 2015

The online school newspaper of Lake City High School