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Timberwolf Times

Piper Colbert

Piper Colbert is a 14 year old freshman starting her first year at Lake City High School, coming into our school from Lakes Middle. Seeing as she has just started her high school career, Colbert doesn’t quite have a favorite class yet and usually doesn’t have a favorite class, but if she had to choose her favorite would have to be art. Outside of school Piper participates in competitive swimming, which is also her favorite sport, and enjoys doing artsy activities such as painting and drawing. At home Colbert has a wide array of pets, including two rabbits, three dogs, and a cat. Piper is interested in taking journalism because she greatly enjoys writing and because of her experience from being part of the yearbook team at Lakes Middle School, wanting to learn more about the writing styles involved in journalism and the interviews that go along with it.

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Piper Colbert