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Timberwolf Times

Ana Moering

Savanna is a 16 year old junior at Lake City High School. She plans on attending North Idaho College and Gonzaga University after high school. She dreams of becoming a high school English teacher. Some of her favorite past  times are reading, writing, studio Gibly (anime) , playing adventure games like The legend of Zelda, and she likes to listen to music. One of her favorite actresses is Betty Davis. Her favorite movie is The Girl Who Leapt Through tTime (anime). Her favorite shoe brand is Converse, she has 9 pairs. Her favorite cartoon character is Snoopy. She has been to 13 different schools, she started attending lake city last October. She was born in Idaho and she lived here until she was 4 years old. She then moved to Spokane until moving to Sandpoint in 2009, and she lived there until moving to Coeur d’ alene in 2015.

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Ana Moering